When it comes to relocating, the challenge of moving delicate items such as fine art, pianos, and antiques can be daunting. These items are not only financially valuable but often hold immense sentimental value as well. Ensuring their safe transport requires expertise, precision, and meticulous planning. At BPL Relocations, a leading Packers and Movers in Saudi Arabia, we specialize in handling these unique challenges with our services in Jubail, Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah. Here’s our professional guide to moving your precious belongings safely.

1. Prepare Adequately Before the Move

Assess and Inventory Your Items

Start by making a detailed inventory of all the items you plan to move. For artworks, antiques, and pianos, note down any existing damages to gauge their current condition. This step is crucial for insurance purposes and helps in planning the packing and moving strategy.

Choose the Right Packing Materials

Use high-quality, durable materials specifically suited for delicate items. For instance, use acid-free tissue paper for paintings to prevent any chemical interactions that could damage the artwork. Sturdy crates lined with foam are ideal for sculptures and antique furniture, while custom-made piano covers can protect pianos during the move.

2. Employ Professional Packing Techniques


Each piece of art requires a unique packing approach depending on its medium and size. Glassine paper is perfect for protecting the surface of paintings, followed by bubble wrap for additional cushioning. Framed pieces should be placed in mirror boxes, which can be further secured with custom wooden crates.


Pianos are not only heavy but also internally complex. They should be handled with extreme care. The piano’s mechanical parts must be secured, which might involve locking down the keyboard and wrapping the piano legs separately. Always ensure that the instrument is moved in a climate-controlled environment, as extreme temperatures can affect the wood and internal mechanics.


Antiques vary widely in shape, size, and material, requiring personalized packing solutions. Use custom-sized wooden crates for large furniture pieces. Smaller items should be wrapped in soft padding or bubble wrap. It’s also crucial to avoid stacking anything on top of your antique furniture.

3. Choose the Right Transportation

Secure Loading and Unloading

Delicate items need more than just careful packing—they also need to be loaded and transported with precision. Professional Movers and Packers in Saudi Arabia like BPL Relocations use tools like furniture dollies, custom ramps, and hoists to ensure items are moved safely without any undue strain.

Controlled Transportation

Vehicles equipped with climate control are essential, especially when moving items sensitive to temperature and humidity. Our fleet is equipped with air ride suspension to minimize jolts and vibrations during the transport of your delicate items.

4. Insurance and Liability

Always choose a moving service that offers comprehensive insurance coverage for high-value items. At BPL Relocations, we provide detailed contracts that clearly outline liability and insurance terms, ensuring peace of mind throughout the relocation process.

5. Why Professional Movers?

Hiring professionals like BPL Relocations can significantly mitigate the risks associated with moving delicate items. Our team is specially trained and has the right tools and knowledge to handle valuable items. From our offices in Jubail, Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah, we coordinate complex moves across Saudi Arabia and beyond, ensuring that your items arrive in pristine condition.

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Moving delicate items like fine art, antiques, and pianos requires expert handling to ensure their safety and integrity. By choosing BPL Relocations, the leading Packers and Movers in Saudi Arabia, you ensure that your valuable belongings are in safe hands. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized packing and moving services or to schedule your next move.

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